Vins de Terrer was born in 2013 from the question “now what?”...

Vineyard owners in Catalunya since 1497, credited with producing the first Spanish sparkling wine using the Champagne method, establishing the Cava D.O., and bottling the first single-vineyard Cava, the Raventòs family founded both the Codornui and Raventòs i Blanc wineries. Then in 2012 they made the decision to withdraw Raventòs i Blanc from the Cava D.O. in order to reposition their wines in the minds of consumers and focus only on sparkling wines.

What to do with the great vineyards, exceptional growers, and beautiful wines abandoned by the decision to focus only on super-premium sparkling wines – why not create a distinct project to produce both Cava and table wines from these exceptional resources? Vins de Terrer was established, and Barcelona native Francesc Escala took control to showcase the fruit of the labour of the farmers who work the land, and a return to the way their ancestors used to work it. Thus, organically farmed vineyards and traditional grape varieties are coaxed to highly expressive form in white, red and sparkling wines.

La Vida al Camp is the name gracing the Brut and Rosé Cava, inspired by the 1962 book written by Jaume Raventòs:  La Vida al Camp, Memòries d’un Cabaler, (Life in the Country, Memories of a Gentleman). The book is a reflection on Jaume’s childhood experiences on the Raventós family farm in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, and an homage to the the farmer’s lives, working their land with respect, harmony and love of nature.