Established in 2000 on the site of a 14th century villa in the mountains southeast of Bologna/northeast of Firenze, Papiano has 10 ha of steeply terraced vineyard on the 70 ha estate.  Beyond the next ridge to the west lies Chianti Rufina.

Francesco Bordini, with a PhD in Oenology, is the force here, assisted by his sister Maria-Rosa, brother Giampaolo and father, the pioneering agronomist Remigio Bordini.  Francesco recently contributed to the first comprehensive mapping of the diverse soil types and sub-zones of Romagna.  And in addition to managing the vineyards & cellar at Papiano, Francesco is a highly regarded agronomist & consulting winemaker in his own right — including a winery project in Turkey.

At 550 meters, Papiano boasts the highest vineyards in Emilia-Romagna.  Organically farmed, high-density (7000 vines/ha), Albarello (head-pruned), but trained on trellis, producing 172 kg/plant.  New plantings are on their own rootstock, while older vines are grafted.  About 45,000 bottles are produced annually.  Fermentations are long, and very low levels of sulphur are used.  70% of the vineyard is Sangiovese (primarily Sangiovese Grosso), with small parcels of Merlot, Centisimino (Grenache), Balsamena (Alicante), Sauvignon and Albana.

In awarding the first of consecutive (2014 & '15) ‘Tre Bicchieri’, Gambero Rosso commented “Villa Papiano is one of the emerging estates in Romagna, a success built with the tenacity and reliability of the Bordini family… Soils in this corner of Romagna, along the southern slope of Mount Chioda at 500 meters above sea level, in an extreme location, are marly sandstone, a difficult situation for these spirited and long-lived wines.  Now a mature professional, Francesco Bordini has aimed his vinification toward a classic, territorial tone, achieving results with a pure, clear mineral expression”.