VIE DI ROMANS, Mariano del Friuli, Isonzo Rive Alte

Gianfranco Gallo crafts some of the World’s Greatest White Wines at his 53 ha estate in the Isonzo valley — 5 km east to Slovenia, 80 km north to the Alps, 20 km south to the Adriatic…  Deep, calcium-rich soils created by glacial erosion.  Long daylight hours due to northerly latitude (46º), constant wind, a mix of continental and mediterranean climate... 

In the cellar, the wines are treated to a completely anaerobic environment — crushing & de-stemming, long maceration, and pressing are all performed under the protection of nitrogen, designed to preserve aromatics.  The wines are then aged in a mix of older and new barriques, tailored to the vineyard source.

Gianfranco succeeded his father in 1978 at the age of 19, and in 1990 completed the first stage of a highly specific new winery.  At this time, Vie di Romans replaced the family name on the estate, as a certain American wine company demanded a change of name.

The quality of the wines here is so high that they take turns winning Tre Bicchieri…’ — Gambero Rosso

Man positions himself at the heart of the process, discovering his role both as creator and as part of a world far larger than himself, one which ultimately recedes into mystery.  The interface, the dialogue, of man and land, of man and the articulated language of the created world, spins out of itself something novel and different, uniquely complex and wondrous.’  — Gianfranco Gallo