DE CONCILIIS, Prignano Cilento

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the revitalization of winemaking in Italy’s south and Bruno De Conciliis is among the influencers who have ‘inspired a new batch of young producers with wines of character that reflect [the] land and complement its delicious food.’ (Decanter)

The family is dedicated to the production of wine from Campania’s best-known native grapes:  Fiano and Aglianico.  Located in the Cilento hills at 250 m, the coastal region benefits from a milder climate, leading a fruitier and more approachable style of wine than the neighbouring Taurasi.  Don’t be mistaken — these are serious wines.  The facilities are refreshingly modern and the wines are juicy, aromatic and fresh.  Temperature controlled stainless steel is used for precise fermentations and aging is done in a mix of new and old French oak.  In the vineyard, calcareous clay soil lends the wines nuanced aromatics and minerality.  25 ha produce 200,000 bottles.

The De Conciliis family stopped supplying the local cooperative in 1990 and began bottling their own wine.  Over the course of the last two decades their progress has been impressive.  There is a constant atmosphere of experimentation in the winery, fuelled by the music that regularly fills the space — in fact, ‘Naima’ is named after the John Coltrane song, while ‘Selim’ is an anagram of Miles, and ‘Bacio il Cielo’ is, well, you get the picture...  This experimentation leads to wines that are always slightly offbeat, and always interesting, as evidenced by their creation of the first sparkling Aglianico.