February 18, 2014


San Martin, Central Coast


Family Owned | Certified Sustainable 


About Hayes Valley

We’re very pleased to introduce another new addition to our portfolio of estate and artisan wines — Hayes Valley Wines. 

Hayes Valley is the ‘second wine’ from the highly regarded Clos LaChance Winery.  Bill & Brenda Murphy are hands-on owners, and their daughters Cheryl & Kristin work in the business full time.  Bill is retired from Hewlett-Packard, and Brenda is a former teacher.  Clos LaChance is the only winery & vineyard in the Hayes Valley, outside the town of San Martin. The first commercial release from family-owned Clos LaChance was the 1992 vintage. 

Located in the northern Central Coast of California, the lore of Hayes Valley extends back to the 1800s. After receiving independence from Spain, Mexico divided the Santa Clara Valley into ranches in 1821. The Clos LaChance property was a part of Rancho San Francisco de las Llagas, which was owned by Carlos Antonio Castro in 1828. Castro planted over 500 acres of vineyards and orchards. In the late 1800s a pioneer named Martin Murphy purchased a 9000-acre parcel from Castro and named the area San Martin, after patron Saint Martin. In 1921 the property was sold to Frank Hayes and the area adopted the name 'Hayes Valley'. Unfortunately, the vineyards eventually succumbed to prohibition. In the 1990s, new vines were planted by Bill & Brenda Murphy, and Hayes Valley was returned to viticulture.

Studded with native oak trees and surrounded by rolling hills covered with vineyards, Clos LaChance/Hayes Valley Winery is a truly enchanting location. The region is also an ideal climate for growing grapes — cool, foggy nights followed by warm sunny days.

Hayes Valley wines are estate grown and handpicked at Clos LaChance. Only the Chardonnay comes from outside the estate — fruit is purchased from a sustainably farmed vineyard in Monterey. Recycled water is used for irrigation, and winemaking byproducts (skins & stems) are composted for use in the vineyard. The winery and 150 acres of estate vineyards are Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Clos LaChance was one of the first 17 certified sustainable wineries and vineyards in California. Simply put, being Certified Sustainable takes 3 main factors into account — Environmentally Sound, Economically Feasible, Socially Equitable — and refers to the vineyards and production facility. The winery is committed to producing the best quality wine possible while protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. As a family-owned and operated winery, it is important for Clos LaChance to maintain the long-term viability of the land for future generations.



2012 Chardonnay, Monterey  $17.95 / bottle  (12 x 750 ml/cs)                                                                       
20% New French Oak / 80% Stainless

Opens up with aromas of tropical fruits — pineapple & banana. Pears & apples are also prevalent, with a hint of toasty oak. Flavors of baked apples, banana & vanilla carry through the palate, along with a creamy mouth feel and a hint of butter.  Solid acidity makes this a great wine to pair with many foods or to drink on its own.  Outstanding value. 

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast  $17.95 / bottle  (12 x 750 ml/cs)                                             
80% French Oak / 20% Neutral American Oak

Aromas of bright berry fruits. Plums, tobacco and a subtle floral note. Full & rich flavors of blueberries, blackberries & dried cherries. Dried plums and a little anise spice round off the wonderfully smooth finish. Soft tannins that pair well with many beef & game dishes. Savoury, with good acidity.  A much more sophisticated wine than the price suggests.